A little sunshine in your life

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that there was clapping, jumping, and ear-to-ear grins of joy when I got a confirmation of this next show with the one and only Emi Sunshine and the Rain! This local ten year old has already performed on The TODAY Show, Merle Fest, The Ryman, and has a gig coming up at The Grand ‘Ole Opry. As well as multiple CDs (she started writing songs at 5), a heart of gold, and more talent, personality, and style then most adults!

She will be performing with her band The Rain made up of Randall (Father), John (brother) and Uncle Bobby on Friday, September 5th at The Square Room. It will be a fully seated, all ages show. Tickets are only $10 (click here to purchase) we won’t be surprised if it sells out, so get ’em early 😉

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What is your favorite Emi Sunshine song?

Share your fav Emi Sunshine song to hear it live at The Square Room  – tweet this

Here is one of her originals – Johnny June & Jesus – performed live at The Ryman