Social Media

Here are a few examples of the things we have done with social media
Click HERE to see several examples of how we increase exposure via Twitter for several clients.

Emi fb GP ten pmCROP

GP Emi ten pm 11.30.14 crop

Emi channel 8 link


Emi fb after show


Les Stroud Mast General


Les Stroud Mashup 2


Les Stroud Mashup

Les Stroud FB 1

OTR contest winner OTR after show fb King tweetable 2 Holy Ghost fb 2 Holy Ghost fb acals knoxville Moms blog ACALS fb 1 FB DB 4 crop DB FB 1

DB FB Contest


DB Sold Out

Here are some examples of facebook ads

ELMassage fb ad 4


Emi Paid Ad

Massage ad 2

ELMassage fb ad 3









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