Sisters and Brothers

I’ve been waiting a long time for The Vespers to release their third album, Sisters and Brothers, and I’m happy to report it is worth the wait! I’m also happy to report they are coming back to The Square Room on Friday Feb 27th to perform some of it live!

As I listened to the title track, Sisters and Brothers, I was struck by the lyrics, “living for myself is no way to live at all…” and, “look out for your sisters, don’t forget your brothers, gotta take care of each other…” I have recently experienced the deepest grief I’ve ever known while simultaneously experiencing the deepest love. That love not only came from my heart towards others, but it also came from so many dear Sisters and Brothers loving on me. Which got me thinking about who my Sisters and Brothers are. In my family I have 4 brothers and 2 sisters, well technically I’m an only child, if you consider blood only, but I don’t. I also have my Sisters and Brothers in faith, as well as some friends that are so dear they are like siblings. Suddenly, my already large family just got bigger!

So to celebrate how important the love of our Sisters and Brothers is to us, and how important our love is to those who see us as a Sister or a Brother, I wanted to honor it with a pic and a chance to win TWO tickets to the show!


If you have questions just check out the Contest page for more info and go love on your Sisters and Brothers today 😉


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