8 ways to make your website more effective

Here is an informative chart listing eight common small-business website mistakes to help you determine if your business website is doing all it can for you. I’m adding more information to each one to help you better gauge if it is an area that needs some adjustments.

websitedesign check1. Call to Action – Every new visitor to your website is potentially a new lead. To maximize your one shot to make a great first impression you need to be clear about the following things; who you are, what you offer, and how to connect with you.

  1. Poor Design – not only is good design important to help people find what they are looking for quickly, but it is also vital to your professional ‘image’. Unless you are regularly looking at other websites, particularly in your field, (since many fields have different protocols), you may not be aware of the latest trends. This can also make your website look outdated which in turn makes you look outdated. Your website if often the first impression a potential customer will have of you.

  2. Time Consuming New Content Updates – Many business owners fall into one of two categories when it comes to adding new content to their website, they either; don’t make updates because they are too busy doing the work of their business (which unfortunately then looks like they aren’t doing any work at all), OR they do updates but they aren’t as effective as they could be because they don’t know the best way to present the new information and/or what information to present.

  3. No Metrics – Metrics, also known as analytics, is information about how people interact with your site. From them you can see what works, what doesn’t, and then adjust accordingly. When you have metrics, and you know how to interpret the information to maximize results, you can work smarter not harder.

  4. Poor SEO – at this point in the game keyword data, meta descriptions, and page titles are no longer so much about standing out from the rest – as much as they are about even being on the field, as in part of the game. Without them it is increasingly difficult to be found as more and more business now have websites. Which also means that SEO words frequently change and staying ‘up’ on the latest keywords is important for maximum results.

  5. No Social Media Links – Ack! Where to begin 🙂 Social Media is still free, use it! There are potentially millions of people available via social media. The key is to not only have a presence but to also make it very easy (and beneficial) for your customers to share you with others.

  6. No Mobile Optimization – many people using the Internet use it from their phones and tablets so you need your website to be mobile friendly and to function well for mobile visitors.

  7. No designated IT Person – Cyber Security is extremely important to your business and increasingly more important to your customers. As hacking becomes more prevalent and more complex, small businesses need to be able to keep their customer’s information secure and that means staying up to date with the latest patches, security breaches, and keeping your site updated at all times.  One of the things which sets Genuine Promotion apart from other marketing companies is that I create campaigns which protect the privacy of your customers rather than forcing them to give access to all of their information and that of their friends to some third party app.

If you would like to discuss your particular needs, some help with any of these things, and/or receive a quote call me at (865) 304-4922 or email genuinepromotion@gmail.com. Stay tuned for more detailed info on each one of these to come…


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