Dave Barnes is Sold OUT

A show is always even better when all the hard work to promote it pays off with a SOLD OUT! And I don’t just mean MY hard work, first of all Dave Barnes is a fantastic musician and songwriter, which always makes my job easier! But behind the scenes he has a stellar team (Seth and Chris), plus the team at The Square Room (Kenny, Megan, Adam, Phil, Michael and the Cafe 4 staff ) and the media are all working hard. Special thanks to everyone including, Chelsea at The Daily Beacon and Wayne Bledsoe at Knoxville News Sentinel for writing great pieces on the show.

Last but not least – the winners of the contests are, Laura Ann Vendergriff who won the two artist circle tickets & Kay Manners who won two tickets. Thanks to everyone who entered the contests and stay tuned for another big announcement in a few days 🙂




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